Choices that need to be made when purchasing a campervan

While it is easy to decide to purchase a campervan, the process of actually purchasing one is not simple. There are various factors like your needs and budget that you need to consider deciding on a campervan. Here are the most common choices that you will have to make when buying campervans for sale.

Diesel or petrol?

Most people simply lean towards diesel due to the convention, but you need to consider your needs before you decide. While diesel engined campervans for sale offer better fuel economy and lower running cost, they do cost a lot more than petrol engined ones. So if you are planning to only use your campervan occasionally, you might save some money by purchasing a petrol model. However, if you find a diesel campervan for a bargain, purchase it without a second thought.

Manual or Automatic?

This again depends on what you plan on using your camper for and why you are buying it. If you are going to on the road very often and don't want the hassle of constantly changing gears in traffic, automatic will be the way to go. Even if you are buying it for rental purposes, more people will want an automatic transmission as the number of manual drivers is declining. However, if you want to immerse yourself more into the driving experience and don't want to shell out money for the automatic, manual transmission might be perfect for you.

Standard hardtop, pop-top, or high-top?

A standard hardtop has a simplicity about it and makes vehicle storage very easy. However, the standard hardtop has a reduced headroom compared to other options. High-tops offer you more headroom and space for internal structure, but then your vehicle won't be able to pass through height-restricted areas. Pop-tops give more storage room while also being convenient to drive around, but they are more expensive to repair.